Family Dentistry Treatments

A family dentistry practice, in order to be effective at promoting good oral health and meeting the needs of children, must provide safe and comprehensive services at the highest standard of care. At Akron Smiles Dental Center, we know the importance of providing personalized, gentle care, and our dental team is committed to making every child feel comfortable so that they can have a positive experience each time they visit the dentist.

Establishing a Dental Home

Along with the American Dental Association (ADA), Akron Smiles Dental Center recommends that children first visit the dentist by one year of age. But dentistry for children at this stage isn’t just about examining and cleaning – it’s actually more about establishing a dental home for your child. In other words, our dental practice is focused on developing trust and confidence between the dental team and your child. Regular office visits allow your child to become comfortable with the dentists, hygienists and other staff, which enables us to provide the appropriate oral health care.

At Akron Smiles Dental Center, we believe that every child deserves a dental home, a family dentistry office where they can feel at ease. We welcome young patients of any age to come in and begin working with us toward a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Preventive Dental Care for Children and Teens

Regular examinations and cleanings are essential to effective preventive children’s dentistry. According to the ADA, children need to be seen by the dentist every six months for optimal dental health. Beyond dental exams and cleanings, however, many young patients may require additional preventive dental treatments. Our dental team will carefully evaluate your child’s teeth and gums to determine the need for a professional fluoride treatment or a sealant to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. An overnight mouth guard may be recommended for children who clench or grind their teeth at night, as this device can help to prevent further injury to the teeth.

Learning Healthy Oral Care Habits

At the heart of preventive dentistry is the goal of teaching children good lifelong oral health care habits. Our dental hygienists work closely with each child to ensure that they learn proper brushing and flossing techniques – but, all children need help or supervision from a parent until at least age six. For optimal oral health, our dental team recommends brushing and flossing after every meal and at bedtime.

At Akron Smiles Dental Center, we are dedicated to providing the best family dentistry services, and we have the knowledge and compassion to deliver personalized service. We want to give your child a healthy smile – call or stop in our Akron, Ohio office to schedule an appointment for your child today.