Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies and trauma to the teeth or mouth can be distressing for children and teens, but with quick care and treatment, pain can be alleviated and the oral concerns can be addressed to restore healthy smiles. If your child experiences any type of dental injury or has mouth pain, an appointment with Akron Smiles Dental Center will be necessary – but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know for immediate treatment for dental emergencies.

Chipped or Broken Tooth, Dental Trauma

If your child breaks or fractures a tooth, rinse the mouth with warm water and hold a cold compress in place to reduce swelling. Place any tooth fragments that you find in milk, as this can help preserve the tooth material – which is important, as our dentists may be able to reattach the fragments to the broken tooth. Some children with these dental emergencies may have extreme pain, particularly if the root is exposed. If your child’s tooth is painful, an over-the-counter pain medication can be administered to help keep your child comfortable.

Knocked-Out Tooth, Dental Emergencies

In the case of a knocked-out permanent tooth, heading to the dentist quickly can mean the saving the tooth without additional root canal therapy. The faster the tooth can be replaced in its socket, the better chance of the tissues growing to support the tooth. If your child experiences this dental trauma, carefully rinse the knocked-out tooth without touching the root. Then, if possible, have your child put the tooth back into the socket, holding it place with a gauze pad if necessary. If your child cannot replace it in the mouth, a cup of milk can keep the tooth protected until you visit the dentist. If necessary, your child can take an over-the-counter medication for pain relief.

Lost Filling or Crown

Dental trauma can cause any dental restoration to become loose and fall out, but decay is often to blame for missing fillings and crowns. No matter the cause, however, these dental emergencies can be painful as the newly exposed tooth tissue may be quite sensitive. You can give your child pain relief medication, but missing fillings and crowns should be replaced as soon as possible to restore your child’s oral health.

Tooth or Gum Pain

Tooth decay and gum disease are the most common causes of mouth pain, so it is essential to visit Akron Smiles Dental Center for a comprehensive dental exam to determine an appropriate course of treatment. In the meanwhile, have your child rinse with warm salt water to keep the mouth clean. A cold compress can help reduce swelling and provide pain relief, but if your child is experiencing severe pain, medication may help until your child can visit the dentist.

Call Akron Smiles Dental Center immediately if your child has a dental emergency of any kind. For urgent treatment after hours, call our office number for recorded directions.