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A healthy and straight smile will fill your child with confidence, but most children’s teeth don’t grow in perfectly straight on their own. If your child has crooked teeth or if your dentist foresees crowding issues in the future, consider children’s orthodontics to correct the problem sooner rather than later.

  • The earlier a child’s bite and teeth alignment are corrected, the stronger and healthier their teeth will be later on.
  • Your child’s baby teeth are the place markers and guides that will tell their permanent teeth were to grow later.
  • As permanent teeth do begin coming in corrected alignment will help with permanent tooth placement.

Of course, what happens if you wait? Many children do not get braces until their early or late teens. If that’s the case, your child will still benefit from having their teeth alignment corrected, although the process of straightening their teeth out may take a bit longer and require more adjustments (since their permanent teeth have already fully grown in).

If your child currently has misaligned teeth or a misaligned bite, braces might be the right option for correcting this issue. In addition to improving their confidence, having a straight and correctly aligned smile can also offer other benefits for your child’s dental health. For instance, correcting tight crooked/twisted teeth will allow for easier cleaning, and fixing gaps in between teeth will help prevent food from getting caught in these areas.

Are you considering braces for your child? Our orthodontist in Akron can recommend the best course of treatment to straighten your child’s smile.

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